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At our office, we understand that your self-esteem and social life are influenced by your smile’s appearance, and it’s important to address smile flaws right away. If a cavity or chipped tooth has made your smile unsightly, ask our dentist about receiving a composite dental filling.

If Dr. Tim is able to diagnose a cavity or dental chip early, he can often repair the tooth with a conservative dental treatment such as a composite resin filling. This restoration is made of quality dental-grade plastic that is matched to the color of your surrounding tooth enamel.

To apply a dental filling, we numb your tooth for greater comfort, and then extract the compromised tooth enamel so that the remaining tooth surface is clean and healthy enough to provide a secure bond for the dental filling.

Then, our dentist and team sets to work shading, preparing and applying your dental filling before we cure and harden it with a special ultraviolet light. This helps your dental filling become a long-lasting and cosmetic dental restoration. Your dental filling can last for many years as long as you maintain your effective daily oral hygiene routine and receive regular dental checkups at our office.

To learn if you can improve a cosmetically flawed tooth with a composite dental filling in OKC, Oklahoma, please feel free to contact our office at 405-728-7632 and schedule a consultation with our skilled dentist.