Protect your smile while playing hard 

At the office of Timothy Rothwell, we are committed to keep your smile healthy. By wearing a custom sports mouth guard, you can prevent damage to your teeth, gums, jaw, and other oral tissues, including the cheeks, lips and tongue. Sports mouth guards also help to prevent neck injuries and keep your airway open so that you can breathe more easily while participating in an athletic activity. Sports mouth guards are highly recommended for individuals who participate in high-contact sports, such as wrestling, football, hockey and rugby. However, any athlete can benefit from this oral appliance, and our dentist may recommend a sports mouth guard even if you participate in non-contact sports or activities.

There are several types of athletic mouth guards available, ranging from generic stock mouth guards to fully customized oral appliances. Generic stock mouth guards can be purchased at most sporting goods stores, and are the least expensive option. However, they also provide the least amount of protection, and are not nearly as effective as a custom mouth guard. Another type of stock mouth guard that is readily available is an appliance known as a “boil and bite” mouth guard. These mouth guards are heated in water to be malleable, and then placed in the mouth to mold them to the wearer’s teeth. While they offer more protection than generic stock mouth guards, they are still not as effective as a custom athletic mouth guard.

Custom athletic mouth guards are designed by our dentist to fit perfectly and provide maximum protection for your teeth and other oral structures. They often prevent injuries that more generic mouth guards would not, and provide you with a safer and healthier long-term option for protecting your smile.

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