Routine preventive care keeps your teeth and smile healthy 

Dental cleanings are one of the most important treatments provided at the office of Timothy Rothwell. In fact, dental cleanings are crucial to maintaining good oral health! We recommend that you visit our office every six months to receive a professional dental cleaning from our dentist and hygienist. During these regular appointments, we will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove plaque, calculus and harmful bacteria from your teeth. This also gives us the opportunity to check for any signs of developing problems, and provide prompt treatment if you are diagnosed with tooth decay, periodontal disease, or another damaging dental condition.

When you come into our office for your dental cleaning, our hygienist will review your medical history and perform a comprehensive oral exam. This exam checks for signs of tooth decay, worn or damaged teeth, inflammation of the gums (which may lead to gum disease), oral cancer and other conditions which threaten your oral health. We will also take any X-rays that are needed at this time.

After your dental exam, our hygienist will then clean and polish your teeth, and gently floss them to ensure that all areas of your mouth have been thoroughly cleaned. Dr. Tim will meet with you to discuss any treatments you may need, and will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan based on your age and health conditions so that you can once again enjoy a beautiful smile and achieve excellent oral and overall health.

We invite you to call us at 405-728-7632 if you have any questions about dental cleanings in OKC, Oklahoma, and to schedule your appointment with our caring dentist and team.

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