Filling in cavities to restore your smile 

Dr. Tim provides composite dental fillings to help repair and restore your teeth. These tooth-colored restorations work by literally “filling in” the cracks and holes left in your teeth by cavities, cracking, chipping and other damage to restore the shape and appearance of your tooth and give you back a strong, healthy smile.

Composite dental fillings are an excellent treatment for patients who have minor to moderate tooth damage, or who want to replace their old silver fillings with a more healthier and more aesthetic option. Silver mercury amalgam fillings were a standard in dental treatments for many years. However, in addition to being very visible and unsightly in your mouth, silver fillings result in a weakened tooth structure over time and can potentially leak into your mouth and cause additional health problems. By using composite fillings, we create a result that looks natural and which works to strengthen your tooth structure and protect it from further decay.

Our dentist can provide your filling and complete your treatment in just one appointment. Dr. Tim will remove the decayed and damaged portions of your tooth, and clean it to remove any lingering decay. He then places the tooth-colored filling material into the affected area, carefully molding it to match the contours of your tooth to produce a natural-looking result. Once in place, the filling is hardened and polished to finish your treamtnet and create a lasting restoration.

We invite you to contact our office at 405-728-7632 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tim and learn more about the benefits of composite dental fillings in OKC, Oklahoma. We look forward to helping you regain your healthy smile!

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