See your smile clearly 

Our office is excited to utilize intraoral cameras in our treatments. Intraoral cameras are a type of specialized imaging technology consisting of a small camera on the end of a pen-shaped tool. This state-of-the-art camera is inserted into your mouth to capture high-quality, color photos of your teeth and supporting structures. By using an intraoral camera, our dentist can clearly see all areas of your mouth, including places that are extremely difficult to examine otherwise. Intraoral cameras make it much easer for Dr. Tim to evaluate your oral health and make an accurate diagnosis.

However, the greatest benefit of intraoral cameras may be the way the enhance patient education. Pictures captured by the intraoral camera are projected instantaneously onto a nearby computer monitor, and are blown up to allow for easier viewing. This allows patients to see exactly what is happening in their mouth, and to get a better understanding of their oral health and treatment options. Intraoral cameras also allow patients to see the end results of their treatment.

Additionally, the photos taken by intraoral cameras can be sent to other dentists and dental specialists, and to insurance companies as needed. This allows you to receive consistent, quality dental care at any office which you visit.

We welcome you to call the office of Timothy Rothwell today at 405-728-7632 to schedule your appointment with our dentist and learn more about the benefits of intraoral cameras in OKC, Oklahoma. We are committed to helping you achieve excellent oral health!

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