State-of-the-art laser technology to enhance your treatments 

Our dentist and team utilize laser dentistry in many of our treatments in order to provide our patients with quick, comfortably, hygienic and highly effective treatments. Laser dentistry is among one of the newest and most effective dental technologies available, and when used can almost always eliminate the need for drilling or other invasive treatment methods. Dr. Tim has received extensive training in laser dentistry in order to provide his patients with quicker, easier and virtually pain-free procedures.

Lasers are very versatile tools, and can be used in a variety of treatments, including:

  • Hardening dental fillings and other restorations
  • Removing damaged or decayed tooth tissue
  • Treating cold and canker sores
  • As part of a teeth whitening treatment
  • Recontouring the gum line
  • Removing excessive gum tissue or other abnormal tissues from the mouth
  • Treating periodontal disease (removing infected tissue and harmful bacteria from the mouth)

Laser dentistry is generally very comfortable. This is due to the fact that dental lasers are able to target precise areas while leaving the healthy areas of your mouth which do not need treatment untouched. The result is a less invasive treatment and a quicker procedure. Healing time following the procedure is also shortened, and there is a greatly reduced risk of infection.

Our team is committed to providing you with the highest possible quality of care, and we will be happy to provide you with additional information about laser dentistry. We welcome you to contact the office of Timothy Rothwell at 405-728-7632 to learn more about how laser dentistry in OKC, Oklahoma, can benefit you and to schedule your appointment with our experienced dentist.

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