Speak, eat and smile with ease once more 

Among the most important restorative services provided at the office of Timothy Rothwell are replacements for missing teeth. There are a variety of treatments available to replace teeth that have been lost due to extraction, trauma, or periodontal disease, and our dentist will work with you to help you understand the condition of your mouth and your treatment options so that you can choose the restoration that will be most beneficial for you.

Missing teeth cause many problems for your oral health and function as well as your smile. The empty space left by the missing tooth causes the remaining teeth to shift out of place, creating problems with the bite, changing the patient’s ability to chew and speak normally, and altering the appearance of their smile. Additionally, when the tooth is removed the underlying jawbone is no longer stimulated, which eventually leads to the deterioration and resorption of the supporting bone tissue.

Some of the solutions for missing teeth include:

  • Dental bridges – bridges replace the missing tooth to restore your bite, smile, and ability to chew and speak normally. A dental bridge consists of a replacement tooth or teeth anchored to the teeth on either side of the gap by dental crowns.
  • Dental implants – Implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth and are surgically placed into your jawbone to replace both the root and the crown of the tooth. Implants may be used for individual teeth, multiple teeth, or a full dental arch.
  • Dentures – dentures are removable oral appliances that are used to replace multiple teeth or full dental arches.

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