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Consistent oral hygiene habits may represent a critical first step in removing food particles and plaque from your mouth before they can promote problems with gum disease and tooth decay. If you sometimes forget to brush or floss the excess bacterial deposits in your mouth can lead to a buildup of oral plaque acids.

In time, the persistent acidic environment in your mouth can start to affect the strength and mineral density of your tooth enamel. As tooth enamel erosion continues to develop it can significantly increase your chances of suffering from tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.

If your routine dental checkup with Dr. Tim shows significant signs of tooth enamel demineralization, he might recommend a treatment plan that could include increased fluoride exposure. The goal is to restore the mineral density of your teeth before problems with tooth decay and tooth sensitivity develop.

The first step often calls for our dentist to administer a fluoride treatment to quickly bolster the mineral strength of your tooth enamel. If your teeth show signs off significant tooth enamel erosion he might also provide you with a prescription for some simple fluoride supplements. With consistent use and application this daily measure can help maintain strong tooth enamel.

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