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Are you regularly consuming foods and beverages that are harming your oral health? It’s entirely possible, unfortunately. To maintain the healthy smile you work daily to achieve, you will want to avoid consuming the things that can harm your smile and derail your efforts.

Today, Dr. Tim and our dental team are going to review the foods you should avoid; namely empty-calorie foods, sugary drinks, and acidic foods.

First, empty-calorie foods aren’t just harmful to your body (and your waistline), but to your smile as well. Most of these are filled with sugar and often devoid of nutrition. These foods may include cakes, candies, cookies, muffins, and popular snack foods such as chips and the like. What happens when you eat these items? Essentially, the bacteria in your mouth will feed off the sugar and then release acids which attack the teeth and lead to cavities.

If you regularly consume sugary drinks, you might want to reconsider switching to something more healthy. Drinking sugary drinks are essentially bathing your pearly whites in sugar. While enjoyable for your taste buds, these are detrimental to your teeth by increasing your risk for cavities. Smile friendly alternatives are water, or sugar-free versions of lemonade, coffee, and tea.

Another harmful food for your teeth is acidic foods as the acid attacks the teeth to wear down your tooth enamel. If you do enjoy acidic foods, please consider eating them with a meal as the other foods can help neutralize the acids. Acidic foods include tomatoes, and citruses such as oranges, lemons, and limes.

If you further questions about your food choices when it comes to your healthy smile in OKC, Oklahoma, please call Timothy Rothwell at 405-728-7632. We are always here to support your healthy, beautiful smile!