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Are you ready to give yourself a smile makeover through the use of a tooth replacement? Although dentures are extremely helpful, they are temporary replacements. If you would like a more permanent substitute, look no further than dental bridges. Dental bridges are designed to operate through all sorts of problems and can function just as well as natural teeth.

A healthy smile is a complete smile. If you have any missing or lost teeth, it is essential to replace them with effective tooth replacement treatments such as dental bridge prosthetics. If left untreated, tooth decay can increase due to the fact that bacteria can begin to nest in the void left behind. In addition, tooth slippages can occur due to the fact that your gums are not holding a full set of pearly whites.

Filling out your smile often depends on making sure you have a complete set of teeth. Once a dental bridge is in place, the natural look of your smile will shine once again. Not only can dental bridges improve the aesthetics of your smile, but they can help restore lost functions associated with missing teeth. Other benefits of dental bridges include an improvement in your speech patterns, and your ability to eat and chew food.

Tooth slippage can end up being a huge deal if missing teeth are not replaced. This is because it is important to maintain space maintenance between teeth to help ensure tooth movement does not occur. Furthermore, it is important to insert dental bridges into your smile if you have missing teeth so they can work to help restore your mouth’s bite stability that may have been lost. Not only will it strengthen your jaw bone, but it will restore the natural bite that your mouth you should have.

Is there anything you wish to know about dental bridge replacements? There has never been a better time to receive dental bridge replacements in OKC, Oklahoma. You are welcome to schedule an appointment at our office by calling us at 405-728-7632. Dr. Tim looks forward to taking your smile and your oral health care to the next level with dental bridge replacements.