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Our entire team would like to wish you a happy holidays and a joyous new year. We hope your smile remains strong and has successfully navigated the risks and hazards of this year. If you still require any treatments or procedures to improve your smile, visit our office for a comprehensive oral examination. Furthermore, it is important to check your smile for any signs damage that may be occurring while you sleep, including damage from bruxism.

Bruxism refers to teeth grinding and damage your mouth sustains while you are asleep. In some situations, bruxism can occur on an unconscious level while you’re awake. Typically, bruxism is the result of extreme stress and anxiety that you may be feeling in their life.

If you are unaware if you are suffering from bruxism, it is important to look for signs and symptoms that it may be occurring. This includes flat teeth, cheek tissue damage, worn tooth enamel, flat teeth, indentations on your gums, various head, neck, and face pains, as well as earaches and tired of tight jaw muscles.

If you would like to experience the sensation of a superb smile with bruxism treatments such as night guards, please stop by Timothy Rothwell for an oral exam from Dr. Tim and our team at our remarkable dentist office in OKC, Oklahoma. Book your appointment by calling us at 405-728-7632.