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You may notice that your teeth may react to hot or cold food or beverages, or even to a sudden rush of cold air. You may also be sensitive to foods or drinks that are sweet or acidic. This is what as knowns tooth sensitivity. Sensitive teeth are a result of the thinning of the enamel on your teeth or from receding gums. You can lose tooth enamel from brushing too vigorously or using a toothbrush with hard bristles, acid reflux, or your diet. Grinding your teeth or not properly brushing or flossing your teeth can also contribute to the problem.

Your dentist can help you if you have sensitive teeth. He may suggest in-office fluoride treatments or supplements. It may also help if you use a fluoride toothpaste that has been formulated to desensitize your teeth. It may be necessary to place a crown or inlay on your tooth, or the dentist may recommend bonding your tooth. If your sensitivity is caused by receding gums, your dentist may have to treat you for gum disease.

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